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About me:

I am currently employed as a Table Games Dealer at Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, NV.
I have been a dealer for a little over 9 years now.
Some of the games I deal are:
  1. Blackjack, or 21 as it is sometimes called.
  2. Pai Gow Poker
  3. Minibac(a smaller version of baccarat)
  4. carnival games that include:
    • 3 card poker
    • Let it ride
    • Ultimate Hold-em
    • Deuces Wild
    • Superfun 21, or Stupidfun 21 as I call it!
I tend to be very active and enjoy playing guitar(30 years), hiking, playing golf, frisbee golf, martial arts, fishing, reading, web design,
watching movies, bowling and a myriad of other things.