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Welcome to the Robinson Family Web Site

This site was created to help keep everyone in the family in touch with
each other. Our family members are located in Michigan, Ohio, and Ireland.
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this site. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the site.

The site includes features as listed below...

  • Meet the Members...

  • Shows a family tree where you can click on a family member's
    name and information about them such as their birthday, picture,
    address, & email will appear.
  • Birthday Alerts...

  • Lists all 12 months of the year. By clicking on a month, a calendar
    of that month will appear with the names of anyone who has a
    birthday listed on that day. You may also access a family member's
    page by clicking on their name here as well.
    At the bottom of the page I have included a link to Hallmark where
    you may send an ecard.
  • Announcements...

  • This page will list announcements of such items as weddings, births,
    moving, graduations, etc.
  • Family Events...

  • This page will list any upcoming family event such as christmas,and
    reunions. Also included will be pictures of these events.
  • Links to Other Sites...

  • I have included links to other sites you may explore free of
    charge as well as links to games that are also free.
  • Vacations...

  • This site will allow a user to view photos from a family member's vacation.
    The photos will be in thumbnail views. Just click on any image to get a larger view.
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